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1Synthesis of octahedral cupper chromite spinel for spectrally selective absorber (SSA) coatingsElham Pakzad -Zahra Ranjbar -Mehdi GhahariProgress in Organic Coatings2019-03-13
213) Modeling of electrical conductive graphene filled epoxy coatingsRa'Na Rafiei Hashjin - Zahra Ranjbar -Hossein YariProgress in Organic Coatings2018
3Modeling physico-mechanical properties of an individual photopolymerization-induced urethane-based microgel particleazdani-Ahmadabadi H, Rastegar S, Ranjbar ZPolymer2015-05-01
4A New Anti-counterfeiting Feature Relying on Invisible Non-toxic Fluorescent Carbon DotsZahra Fatahi, Neda Esfandiari, Zahra RanjbarJournal of Analysis and Testing4-11-2020
5Preparation and EMI shielding performance of epoxynon-metallic conductive fillers nano-compositeM. Khodadadi Yazdi, B. Noorbakhsh, B. Nazari, Z. RanjbarProgress in Organic Coatings25-03-2020
6Designing of a pH-activatable carbon dots as a luminescent nanoprobale for recognizing folate receptor-positive cancer cellsElham Rashidi - Neda Esfandiari - ZahraRanjbar-Nikta Alvandi -Zahra FatahiNanotechnology24-12-2021
7Fructose recognition using novel solid-state electro-optical nanosensor based on boronate- tagged fluorophore modified graphene oxide, Material chemistry and physics, Vol 270, 2021ُSanaz Seraj- Shohre Rouhani, Zahra Ranjbar, Sepehr Lajevardi EsfahaniMaterials Chemistry and Physics2021-06-12
8Investigating of the Effects of rGO TiO2 on Photovoltanic Performance of DSSCs DevicesS. Roauhani- M. Hosseinnezhad- S. Nasiri- K. Gharanjig - A. Salem- Z. RanjbarProgress in Color, Colorant and Coatings2021-05-20
9A new approach to estimates the adhesion duability of an epoxy caoting through wet and dry cycle using creep-recovery modelingSh. Montazer -Z. Ranjbar,S. Rastegar -F. DeflorianProgress in Organic Coatings2021
10Preparation and characterization of a thermal barrier heat-resistant silicone caotongZ. Ranjbar- Sh. Montazer - M. OstaiColor, Colorant and CoatingsProgress in2020
11Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Electroactive Dye/LDHs Nanoplatelet Matrix Film for Advanced Dual Electro-optical Sensing ApplicationsSepehr Lajevardi Esfehani - Shohre Rouhani - Zahra RanjbarNanoscale Research Letters2020
12Dispersing graphene in aqueous media Investigating the effect of diffrent surfactantsbabak Nazari, Zahra Ranjbar, Ra’na Rafiei Hashjin, Amir Rezvani Moghaddam, Gelareh Momeni, Behnaz RanjbarJ. Colloids and Surfaces A2019-10-05
13A novel electrically conductive water borne epoxy nanocomposite coating based on graphene facile method and high efficient graphene dispersionAmir Rezvani Moghaddam ,Zahra Ranjbar, Uttandaraman Sundararaj, Ali Jannesari, Milad KammarProgress in Organic Coatings2019-07-05
14Physicochemical and Cytotoxicity Analysis of Green Synthesis Carbon Dots for Cell ImagingZahra Fatahi-Neda Esfandiari-Hamide Ehtesabi-Zeinab bagheri- Hossien Tavana- Zahra Ranjbar-Hamid LatifiEXCLI Journal2019-05-23
15Fabrication and charazterization of microencapsulated n-heptadecane with graphene/starch composite shell for thermal energy storageFatemeh Irani - Zahra Ranjbar - Ali Jannesari - Siamak moradianProgress in Organic Coatings2019-02-22
16Electrochemical solid-state nanosensor based on a dual amplification strategy for sensitive detection of (FeШ-dopamine)Sepehr Lajevardi Esfahani- Shohre Rouhai - Zahra RanjbarElectrochimica Acta2019-01-11
17Modeling of electrical conductive graphene filled epoxy coatingsRa'na Rafiei Hashjin - Zahra Ranjbar - Hossein YariProgress in Organic Coatings2018-09-26
18Short-Lasting Fire in Partially and Completely Cured Epoxy Coatings Containing Expandable Graphite and Halloysite Nanotube AdditivesMichel Ferriol - Elnaz - Movahedifar - - Christelle Vanger - Henri Vahabi - Maryam Jouyandeh - Marianne Cochez - Reza Khalili -Progress in Organic Coatings2018-07-08
1912) Investigating corrosion protection properties of epoxy thermal insulators through cyclic corrosion testM. Bhanrami - Z. Ranjbar - R.A. Khosroshahi - Sh. AshhariProgress in Organic Coatings2017-07-29
20A study on effects of viscoelastic properties on protective performance of epoxy coatings using EISSh. Montazeri - Z. Ranjbar - S. RastegarProgress in Organic Coatings2017-06-06
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