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13D Bioprinting and Natural Bioinks: Principles and ApplicationsAJ Kandeloos-S Bastani-S MashayekhanJournal of Studies in Color World2021
2Adhesion improvement of water-based flexographic inks on polyethylene coated paperboard by silane adhesion promoters.A Sukhtesaraie-M Azadfallah-S BastaniIranian Journal of Wood and Paper Science Research2018
3UV-Curable Toners: Production and Film Formation in Electrophotographic ‌PrintingF Anabestani-S Bastani-M AtaeefardJournal of Studies in Color World2016-6-21
4High-performance water-based UV-curable soft systems with variable chain architecture for advanced coating applicationsE Bakhshandeh-S Bastani-MR Saeb-C Croutxé-Barghorn-X AllonasProgress in Organic Coatings2019-2-5
5Development of diketopyrrolopyrrole fluorescent dyes with different alkyl chain length in organic film: photophysical and rheological propertiesMM Irani-F Nourmohammadian-S Bastani-F NajafiProgress in Organic Coatings2019-2-26
6Down-conversion particles as internal UV-source assist in UV-curing systems: Physical and mechanical properties of UV-curable micro-compositesMK Darani-S Bastani-M Ghahari-P Kardar-E MohajeraniProgress in Organic Coatings2018-6-15
7Photophysical properties of novel functionalized fluorescent dyes based on diketopyrrolopyrrole and application in inkjet printing inkMM Irani-F Nourmohammadian-S Bastani-F Najafi-NM MahmoodiJournal of Luminescence2018-3-29
8The use of upconversion microparticles as a novel internal radiation source for fabrication of composite materialsM Jalili-S Bastani-M Ghahari-E MohajeraniPolymer Composites2018-2-7
9NaLuF4: Yb, Tm up-conversion materials: Investigation of UV emission intensity by experimental designM Jalil-S Basatani-M Ghahari-E MohajeraniAdvanced Powder Technology2018-1-19
10Network formation and thermal stability enhancement in evolutionary crosslinked PDMS elastomers with sol-gel-formed silica nanoparticles: Comparativeness between as-received and pre-hydrolyzed TEOSS Sobhani-S Bastani-UW Gedde-MG Sari-B RamezanzadehProgress in Organic Coatings2017-9-18
11NIR induced photopolymerization of acrylate-based composite containing upconversion particles as an internal miniaturized UV sourcesMK Darani-S Bastani-M Ghahari-P Kardar-E MohajeraniProgress in Organic Coatings2017-3-1
12Manipulating the Surface Structure of Hybrid UV Curable Coatings through Photopolymerization‐Induced Phase Separation: Influence of Inorganic Portion and Photoinitiator Content-AM Mohammad Raei Nayini-S Bastani-S Moradian-C Croutxé‐Barghorn-X AllonasssMacromolecular Chemistry and Physics2017-12-29
13Investigation of cure advancement in dual-cure polyurethane-acrylate coatings over metal substratesM Sarrafi-B Kaffashi-S BastaniJournal of Coatings Technology and Research2017-12-22
14Effect of scattering nanoparticles on the curing behavior and conversion gradient of UV-curable turbid systems: two-flux Kubelka-Munk approachM Mohseni-S Bastani-X Allonas-S Moradian-C Ley-C Croutxe-Barghorn-E MohajeraniProgress in Organic Coatings2017-11-20
15Carbon Nanotube-Based UV-Curable Nanocomposite CoatingsS Bastani-MK DaraniCarbon Nanotubes: Current Progress of their Polymer Composites2016-7-20
16Rheological investigation of the gel time and shrinkage in hybrid organic/inorganic UV curable filmsMMR Nayinia-S Bastani-S Moradian-C Croutxe-Barghorn-X AllonasJournal of Photopolymer Science and Technology2016-6-21
17UV curing behavior and mechanical properties of unpigmented and pigmented epoxy acrylate/SiO 2 nanocompositesP Kardar-M Ebrahimi-S BastaniJournal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry2016-6
18Studying the effect of hyperbranched polymer modification on the kinetics of curing reactions and physical/mechanical properties of UV-curable coatingsF Mirshahi-S Bastani-MG SariProgress in Organic Coatings2016-1-1
19The chemo-rheological behavior of an acrylic based UV-curable inkjet ink: Effect of surface chemistry for hyperbranched polymersS Jafarifard-S Bastani-A Soleimani-Gorgani-MG SariProgress in Organic Coatings2016-1-1
20Radiation-Curable Smart CoatingsS Bastani-P KardarIndustrial Applications for Intelligent Polymers and Coatings2016
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