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1Active corrosion performance of magnesium by silane coatings reinforced with polyaniline/praseodymiumAmir samadi Najibzad, Reza Amini, Mehran Rostami, Pooneh Kardar, Michele FedelProgress in Organic Coatings2020
2The active corrosion performance of silane coating treated by praseodymium encapsulated with halloysite nanotubesReza Mahmudi, Pooneh Kardar, Amir Masud Arabi, Reza Amini, Pourya PasbakhshProgress in Organic Coatings2020
3Acid-modification and praseodymium loading of halloysite nanotubes as a corrosion inhibitorReza Mahmudi, Pooneh Kardar, Amir Masud Arabi, Reza Amini, Pourya PasbakhshApplied Clay Science2020
4Self-cleaning treatment on historical stone surface via titanium dioxide nano-coatingsPooneh Kardar, Reza AminiPigment & Resin Technology2019
5Utilizing imidazole based ionic liquid as an environmentally friendly process for enhancement of the epoxy coating/graphene oxide composite corrosion resistanceAbolfazl Khalili Dermani, Elaheh Kowsari, Bahram Ramezanzadeh, Reza Amini,Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry2019
6Screening the effect of graphene oxide nanosheets functionalization with ionic liquid on the mechanical properties of an epoxy coatingAbolfazl Khalili Dermani, Elaheh Kowsari, Bahram Ramezanzadeh, Reza Amini,Progress in Organic Coatings2018
7Effects of combined organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors on the nanostructure cerium based conversion coating performance on AZ31 magnesium alloy: Morphological and corrosion studiesElmira Saei,Bahram Ramezanzadeh, Reza Amini, Mehdi SalamiCorrosion Science2017
8Studying the effects of poly (vinyl) alcohol on the morphology and anti-corrosion performance of phosphate coating applied on steel surfaceReza Amini, Helma Vakili, Bahram RamezanzadehJournal of Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers2016
9The corrosion performance and adhesion properties of the epoxy coating applied on the steel substrates treated by cerium-based conversion coatingsHelma Vakili, Bahram Ramezanzadeh, Reza AminiCorrosion Science2015
10Improved performance of cerium conversion coatings on steel with zinc phosphate post-treatmentBahram Ramezanzadeh, Helma Vakili, Reza AminiJournal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry2015
11Task-specific ionic liquid as a new green inhibitor of mild steel corrosionElaheh Kowsari, Milad Payami, Reza Amini, Bahram Ramezanzadeh, M JavanbakhtApplied Surface Science2014
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