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1Improving the efficiency of organic sensitizers with various anchoring groups for solar energy applicationMozhgan Hosseinnezhad - Sohrab Nasiri - Javad Movahedi - Mehdi GhahariSolar Energy2020
2What is TADF (thermally activated delayed fluorescence) compared to the mechanisms of FL (fluorescence), PH (phosphorescence), and TTA (triplet-triplet annihilation) based on a novel naphthalimde sulfonylphenyl derivative as a host?S. Nasiri - M. Rabie - H. Shaki - M. Hosseinnezhad - K. Kalyani - A. Palevicius - A. Vilkauskas - G. Janusas - V. Nutalapati - S. Kment - J. M. NunziJournal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, A: Chemistry2024
3New insights into improving the photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cells by removing platinum from the counter electrode using a grapheme-MoS2 composite or hybrid1- M. Hosseinnezhad - M. Ghahari - G. Mobarhan - M. Fathi - A. Palevicius -V. Nutalapati - G. Janusas - S. NasiriMicromachines2023
4Acceptor-phenyl-donor mechanochromic dyes based on 9-BromoanthraceneS. Nasiri - M. Hosseinnezhad - M. Rabiei - A. Palevicius - G. Janusas - A. VilkauskasJournal of Molecular Structure2023
5Environmentally dyeing of wool yarns using combination of Myrobalan and Walnut husk as bio-mordantM. Hosseinnezhad - K. Gharanjig - H. Imani - S. Rouhani - S. AdeelProg. Color Colorants Coat.2023
6Sustainable microwave-assissted extraction of santalin from red sandal wood powder (ptrecarpus santalinus) for bio-coloration of mordanted silk fabricS. Barkaat - M. Mehboob - S. Adeel - F. Rehman - N. Amin - N. Habib - M. HosseinnezhadSeparation2023
7A review on flexible dye-sensitized solar cells as new sustainable energy resourcesM. Hosseinnezhad - Z. RanjbarPigment and Resin Technology2023
8Investigation of the influence of persulfurated benzene derivatives on optical and carrier mobility propertiesS. Nasiri - P. Palanisamy - M. Rabiei - M. Hosseinnezhad - A. Palevicius - A. Vilkauskas - G. Janusas - V. NutalapatiMaterials Letters2023
9Towards low cost and green photovoltaic devise: using natural photosensitizers and grapheme oxide composite counter electrodeM. Hosseinnezhad - M. Ghahari - G. Mobarhan - S. RouhaniOptical Materials2023
10Sunstitution of metal ion mordant with biomordants: effect on color and fastness of reseda dyed on wool yarnsR. Jafari - K. Gharanjig - M. HosseinnezhadThe Journal of The Textile Institute2023
11Significance of Zn Complex Concentration on Microstrure Evolution and Corrosion Behavior Al/WS2P.P. Gawas - P. Pandurangan - M. Rabiei - A. Palevicius - A. Vilkauskas - G. Janusas - M. Hosseinnezhad, - R. Ebrahimi-Kahrizsangi, - S. Nasiri - J.M. Nunzi - V. NutalapatiMolecules2023
12New configuration of optical photosensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells: Combination of carbazole and xantoneM. Hosseinnezhad - S. Nasiri - M. Fathi - G. JanusasJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics2022
13Mochanochromic and thermally activated delayed fluorescence dyes obtained from D-A-D' type, consisted of xanthen and carbazole derivatives as an emitter layer in organic light emitting diodesS. Nasiri - A. Dashti - M. Hosseinnezhad - M. Rabiei - A. Palevicius - A. Doustmohammadi - G. JanusasChemical Engineering Journal2022
14Introduction of new configuration of dyes contain indigo group for dye-sensitized solar cells: DFT and photovoltaic studyMozhgan Hosseinnezhad - Sohrab Nasiri - Mohsen Fathi - Mehdi Ghahari - Kamaladin GharanjigOptical Materials2022
15Enhanced thermal stability of anthocyanins through natural polysaccharides fromAngum gum and cress seed gumH. Gharanjig - M. Iri - M. Hosseinnezhad -, K. Gharanjig - S.M. JafariJournal of Food Science2022
16Synthesis and invwstigation of the theoretical and experimental optical properties of some novel azo pyrazole sulfonamide hybridsR. Ghomashi - M. Rabiei - S. Ghomashi - A.R. Massah - M. Kolahdoozan - M. Hosseinnezhad - R. Ebrahimi Kahrizsangi - A. Palevicius - S. Nasiri - G. JanusasMaterials Letters2022
17New approach of mechanochromic, thermally activated delayed fluorescence’ dyes consisting of “thioxanthenone derivative as an acceptor unit and two carbazole derivatives as the donor unitsS. Nasiri - M.Hosseinnezhad - M. Rabiei -A. Palevicius - Z. Rahimi - G. Janusas - A. VilkauskasOptical Materials2022
18Environmentally friendly dyeing of wool yarns using of combination of bio-mordants and natural dyesM. Hosseinezhad- K. Gharanjig - S. Rouhani- N. Razani- H. ImaniEnvironmental Progress and Sustainable Energy2022
19Environmental‑friendly extraction of Peepal (Ficus Religiosa) bark-based reddish brown tannin natural dye for silk colorationN. Habib - W. Akram - S. Adeel - N. Amin - M. Hosseinnezhad - E. Ul-HaqEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research2022
20Environmentally dyeing using dried walnut husk as bio-mordant: Investigation of creating new red and yellow shades on woolM. Hosseinnezhad - K. Gharanjig - S. Rouhani - H. Imani - N. RazaniJournal of Natural Fibers2022
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