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1New engineered and environmentally friendly dye‐sensitized solar cells: Efficient extraction of dyes from Cytisus, Alcea rosea, and RoselleM Peymannia - K Gharanjig - AM ArabiInternational Journal of Energy Research2020
2A novel approach for solution combustion synthesis of tungsten oxide nanoparticles for photocatalytic and electrochromic applicationsH Aliasghari - AM Arabi - H HaratizadehCeramics International2020
3Acid-modification and praseodymium loading of halloysite nanotubes as a corrosion inhibitorR Mahmoudi - P Kardar - AM Arabi - R Amini - P PasbakhshApplied Clay Science2020
4The active corrosion performance of silane coating treated by praseodymium encapsulated with halloysite nanotubesR Mahmoudi - P Kardar - AM Arabi - R Amini - P PasbakhshProgress in Organic Coatings2019
5Microwave assisted combustion synthesis of photolumiescent ZnAl2O4: Eu nano powdersMM Golsheikh - AM Arabi - MS AfaraniMaterials Research Express2019
6Surface modification of carbon nanotubes for the synthesis of CNTs/ZnS quantum dot composites via electrophoretic deposition routeA Azodi - AM Arabi - MS AfaraniMaterials Research Express2019
7Synthesis of copper oxide quantum dots: effect of surface modifiersFatemeh Piri - Mahdi Shafiee Afarani - Amir Masoud ArabiMaterials Research Express2019
8Studying the toxicity effects of coated and uncoated NaLuF4: Yb3+, Tm3+ upconversion nanoparticles on blood factors and histopathology for Balb/C mice's tissueMohammad Asadi - Mehdi Ghahari - SA Hassanzadeh Tabrizi - Amir Masoud Arabi - Rozita NasiriMaterials Research Express2019
9Preparation and characterization of Luminescent nanostructured Gd2O3-Y2O3:Eu synthesized by the solution combustion processH Ahmadian - F Al Hessari - AM ArabiCeramics International2019
10Epoxy siloxane/ZnO quantum dot nanocomposites: Model-fitting and model-free approaches to kinetic analysis of non-isothermal curing processFateme Asadi - Ali Jannesari - Amir masoud ArabiProgress in Organic Coatings2019
11Microwave-Assisted Solution Combustion Synthesis of WO3 Nanoparticles: Optical and Colorimetric CharacteristicsH Aliasghari - AM Arabi - H HaratizadehAdvanced ceramic progress2019
12Combustion Synthesis of ZnO/ZnS Nanocomposite PhosphorsMajid Zahiri - Mahdi Shafiee Afarani - Amir Masoud ArabiJournal of Fluorescence2019
13A novel approach to the synthesis of Zn2SiO4:Mn luminescent nanoparticlesAlireza Naeimi - Amir Masoud Arabi - Vahide MerajifarJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics volume2019
14Microwave-assisted combustion synthesis of ZnAl2O4 and ZnO nanostructure particles for photocatalytic wastewater treatmentMozhgan Shahmirzaee - Mahdi Shafiee Afarani - Ahmad Iran Nejhad - Amir Masoud ArabiParticulate Science and Technology2019
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