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1A Review on Methods of Measurement of Sensory AttributesR. JafariJournal of Textile Science and Technology2015
2A Review on BlacknessR. JafariJournal of Studies in Color world2015
3Effect of CIELCH Coordinates on Selection of Preferred BlackR. JafariJ. Color. Sci. Tech2014
4Whiteness: Definitions, Concepts and IndicesR. JafariJournal of Studies in Color world2014
5Investigating of Colorimetric Characteristics of Anthocyanin Dyes Applied in Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsS. Shirahmad Haghighi- R. Jafari -M. HosseinnezhadJ. Color. Sci. Tec2021
6Green Dyeing of Woolen Yarns with weld and Madder natural Dyes in the Presences of BiomordantM. Hosseinnezhad- K. Gharanjig- R. Jafari - H. ImaniJ. Prog. Color Colorants Coat.2021
7Effect of Color Contrast on ReadabilityM. Omidinezhad- R. Jafari - M. NasiriJournal of Studies in Color world2019
8A Study on Colorimetric Attributes of Natural Fibers Dyed with Natural ColorantsR. Jafari - K, GharanjigJournal of Studies in Color world2018
9Evaluation of Performance of Uchida Whiteness Formula in CIE Modified Tinting RegionR. Jafari- M. ShahmohamadiJ. Color. Sci. Tech2017
10Effect of some appearance factors on blackness perception of automotive finishes from the customer viewpointR. Jafari- F. Ameri- N. KhaliliJ. Color. Sci. Tech2016
11Effect of Normal Distribution of Dataset on Spectral Dimensions of BlacksR. JafariJ. Color. Sci. Tech2015
12Water-based ink-jet ink based on nano Ni and Sb doped TiO2 prepared for printing on ceramicsF. Talavar- A. Soleimani-Gorgani- M. Ghahari_ R. JafariJ. Asian Ceram. Soc.,2021
13Cleaner colorant extraction and environmentally wool dyeing using oak as eco-friendly mordantM. Hosseinnezhad- K. Gharanjig- R. Jafari _ H. Imani- N. RazaniEnviron. Sci. Pollut. Res.2021
14Determining Tolerance Values of Instrumentally Measured Color Differences to Evaluate Black Filament YarnsR. Jafari _ M. SafiJ. Prog. Color Colorants Coat.2020
15The Dependency of Colorimetric Characteristics of Black Fabrics to the Whiteness Attribute of SubstrateR. JafariJ. Prog. Color Colorants Coat.2018
16Effect of Orange Peel attribute of Automotive Finishes on their Blackness PerceptionR. Jafari _ F. AmeriJ. Coat. Technol. Res.2018
17Characterization of a green and environmentally friendly sensitizer for a low cost dye- sensitized solar cellM. Hosseinnezhad - R. Jafari_ K. GharanjigJournal of Opto-Electronics Review2017
18Effect of the type of illumination on perceived blackness of automotive finishesR. Jafari _ F. Ameri - N. KhaliliJ. Coat. Technol. Res.2016
19Colorimetric analysis of black coated fabricsR. Jafari _ S.H. Amirshahi -S.A. Hosseini Ravandi,J. Coat. Technol. Res.2016
20Comparative study on the effect of heat treatment temperatures on colorimetric properties of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles and CoFe2O4/SiO2 nanocompositesM. Gharagouzlou - R. JafariJ. Prog. Color Colorants Coat.2015
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