Patents & Books


  1. Keivan Ansari, “Color Management in Monitors”, Publisher naghshe bayan, (in Persian), 2013.


  1. Keivan Ansari, Erfan Bahrami, Masud Honarvar, “Appearance properties evaluating system for sugar”, Iranian patent No. 99717,Date of registration: Nov. 16, 2019.
  2. Ehsan Amini, Arash Azizi, Keivan Ansari, “Tongue alignment for color photography”, Iranian patent No. 86110,Date of registration: Jul. 4, 2015
  3. Maryam Madani, Manuchehr khorasani,­Keivan Ansari, Habib Alizadeh,­‘Cracked Multicolor Paint”, Iranian patent No.81335,Date of registration: Dec. 7, 2013
  4. Keivan Ansari, ‘evaluating stone chip (chipping) resistant test using scanner”, Iranian patent No.73068  ,Date of registration: Dec. 25, 2011.
  5. Keivan Ansari, ‘evaluating adhesion resistant test(Cross Cut) using scanner”, Iranian patent No. 73069   ,Date of registration: Dec. 25, 201

Know-how Provision

  1. A New Temporary Elastic Paint (Anti Dust for Transportation of  Vehicles and Goods, Temporary Signs and Marking, Color Changing of Cars, Kids Painting on the Wall, ….), 2011.
  2. Clay foam with Elasticity (Insulator for Buildings, Camouflage, Vertical Gardens…),2011.
  3. New Anti Flash Rust Inhibitor for Wet Blast Systems,2003.
  4. Solvent Systems for Removing of Pad or Tampo Printing Inks from Propylene,2000.
  5. Software Providing for Change Lab to (Munsell, RAL, NCS, ….), 2008.
  6. Color Management (A Collection of Digital Books & Software), 2008.
  7. Software of Paint and Coating Formulation, 2011.


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